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The Infant Class is very adult/child interactive.  The teacher forms a bond with each of our infants and takes a lot of time talking with them.  The teacher feeds them individually.  The teacher loves and nurtures each baby who forms a bond of trust and the infant is learning the basic form of God’s love.  The teacher gives the infants floor time where she sits with them and interacts with them.  The teacher has a lesson plan that she implements and she uses Wee Learn Curriculum to help her with planning.  We provide a consistent environment for infants that are sensitive and trust worthy, so the infant can meet their physiological and emotional needs.


The Toddler Class in hands on.  They have many toys, learning areas, and an active play area in their classroom.  The teacher interacts and talks with them throughout the day.   The teacher also teaches simple bible stories to teach the children the love of God.  They are beginning to learn self-help skills that the teacher implements with them.  They begin to form friendships with the teacher and the other children. The teacher has a lesson plan that she uses daily that is developed through Wee Learn and her own ideas.  The toddlers also have their own space outside that has age appropriate equipment for them to improve their gross motor skills and get in touch with nature.  Toddlers have limited verbal skills, so they may express their feeling through actions and emotions; therefore the teacher helps develop new understanding about their own feelings and as well as others feelings.

2 Year Olds

The 2 year old Class is hands on learning and the teacher in very interactive with them.  They learn though hands on experiences in the different centers in the classroom such as:  sand and water play, dramatic play, building area, manipulative, quiet center, library area, and a variety of art experiences.  The teacher is very involved with them with open ended questions and teaching them how to make friendships with one another. The teacher also teaches simple bible stories to teach the children the love of God.  The teacher creates a lesson plan weekly by implementing the Wee Learn Curriculum and her own creative ideas.  They also have outside time to explore nature and to improve their gross motor skills.  The younger 2’s use the smaller playground suited for their size and the older 2’s use the larger playground to enhance exploration skills.  Though all of these experiences this age group is able to engage positively with others and develop better understandings of themselves and the world around them.

3-4 Year Olds

The 3-4 year old class is beginning to focus in on skills needed to excel in literacy, math, science, creative arts, and personal concepts.   The teacher individualizes the DLM Curriculum and creates a classroom environment that moves the children toward VPK readiness.   The children develop a positive relationship with Christ and the teacher and this provides a secure foundation from which children can master new learning challenges and lead to positive relationships with peers.  The playground is also considered a classroom where the children can explore, create an imaginary world, build gross motor skills, and actively engage with other children in play. 


The VPK class is an organized program that is providing an educational environment that prepares the children for kindergarten.  The DLM curriculum develops skills that are rich in literacy, math, science, social studies, fine arts, health and safety, personal development, physical development, and technology.  DLM is a child centered curriculum that that has strong teacher support. The teachers recognize the multicultural diversity in the classroom and plan accordingly.  They also individualize their lesson plans to meet each child’s needs.  These children get to experience the world around them though field trips such as:  going to the library, visiting the farm, etc.  They also learn to be confident with themselves by being a part of our Christmas Play and the Graduation Performance.  We also believe that we create a strong foundation for the child by teaching them the love of Christ.  We want all the children in VPK to leave us with the confidence to take on world; knowing God is leading them to their full potential in all areas of their life.

School Age

The school age program involves teacher and child interaction. With our school age children we offer many hands on and learning activities. Also during the school year we help each child individually with their homework and any school related class work.  We are very active with the school age children and spend time playing group games and other fun activities. We plan many fun, educational field trips throughout the year. We have bible time and prayer everyday and encourage the children to pray for their friends and family. We strive here at Just 4 Kids Preschool to lead our children to grow into fine, respectable adults. 

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